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- There are two types of intestinal worms in cats and dogs – roundworms and tapeworms.

- These can cause weight loss, diarrhoea, constipation and a swollen abdomen.

- Puppies and kittens can be born with worms and can also be infected via their mother’s milk.  All dogs and cats can pick up worms from the environment and contact       with other animals. Some worms can pass to humans especially children.


How often should I worm my pet?


- Puppies and kittens should be wormed regularly by the breeder from 2 weeks old.

- Once you rehome your puppy/kitten we recommend worming at 8 weeks old and then every month until 6 months old.

- Adult cats and dogs should be wormed every 3 months. This will treat and prevent any further worm burden.

- One of our staff will be able to advise on the best worming treatment for your dog. We stock a range of prescription only worming medicines which are more effective than over the counter shop bought products.

Regular worming is included in our PET HEALTH CLUB