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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance:

- We believe pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership.

- Veterinary fees due to illness or surgery can run into thousands of pounds.  Insurance policies cover against these costs and give you reassurance that you do not have to compromise your pets care due to the financial cost of treatment.

- Veterinary medicine is always advancing meaning a wider range of treatment options than ever before.


What is covered?

- There are a wide range of policies available and it is important to know what your cover includes.

- Most policies cover veterinary fees against illness and injury, including the cost of hospitalisation and often for referral. However, some policies will cover for injury only.

- Some policies will also cover for complimentary treatment (such as acupuncture or hydrotherapy), behavioural treatment and diet foods.


What is not covered?

- Preventative treatments – vaccinations, neutering, worming, flea treatment, microchips, claw clipping etc.

- Pre-existing conditions – conditions that were suffered before the animal was insured.

- Dentistry

- Inherited or congenital disease

- Pregnancy and breeding

- House calls – unless essential to the animal’s welfare.


How long will I be covered for?

- This will depend on your policy:

- Lifetime cover – this policy is renewed every year and claims can be continued over 1 year.

- Fixed amount cover for life – once the maximum payment has been reached for a condition the condition is no longer covered by the insurance policy.

- Annual contract – conditions that arise in one year are excluded from future contracts regardless of whether the maximum payment has been reached or treatment for the condition is complete.


We are an “appointed representative practice” for Petplan Ltd and can issue immediate full cover or immediate temporary policies subject to their terms and conditions.