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Flea treatment


- Fleas are parasites that will bite and feed on your pet. They are a major cause of itchy skin and allergic skin disease.

- Fleas can also transmit tapeworms.

- Fleas can also bite people!

- Fleas are a year round problem.

- Each flea can lay 2000 eggs, these may fall onto the floor and will later hatch into larvae then fleas.



How often should I treat my pet for fleas?


- We recommend monthly flea treatment/prevention for all cats and dogs.

- One of our staff will be able to advise on the best flea treatment for your dog. We stock a range of prescription only flea treatments which are more effective than over the counter shop bought products.

- If your pet does get fleas we also recommend treatment of your home environment to ensure any eggs present in the environment do not hatch into fleas.


Flea prevention is included in our PET HEALTH CLUB